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Caro is a Study Group Leader for the Upledger Institute, which involves organising regular meetings for Upledger CranioSacral practitioners within the Devon / Cornwall region. The study groups enable practitioners to meet on a regular basis and practice techniques under supervision. It provides a valuable opportunity for people to share experiences, discuss difficulties and hone their skills.

She served as Director of the CranioSacral Society for three years and is founding director of Upledger Community Programmes CIC, a social enterprise providing funded CST treatments.

Carolyn O’Neill initially began her training as a complementary therapist in 1996. Having established a successful practice in Mallorca, where she was living at the time, she then continued her training with the Upledger Institute UK. This opened the door to the fascinating world of Craniosacral Therapy. She successfully completed all levels of the training over a period of 5 years. Her practice in Mallorca continued to expand where she was also working in a multidisciplinary clinic in Palma, alongside an Osteopath and a Chiropractor. In 1999 she and her German colleague founded an International Children’s Clinic in Mallorca offering free cranial treatment to children and babies.

As well as running her own practice, Caro teaches Introductory Workshops to anyone wishing to know more about CST. Interested parties may be practitioners of other disciplines such as Physiotherapists, Chiropractors or other manual therapists. Or those involved in long term care of the elderly or young children. Workshops can be tailored to suit different groups and can be in the form of a one-hour presentation to a full weekend workshop. Caro regularly consults with midwives, health visitors, orthodontists and lactation consultants and is happy to give informal presentations when required.

/* In 2002 Caro and her Irish husband and two young boys decided to move back to her birthplace on the Cornwall/Devon border. Back home, she continued her work as a CranioSacral Therapist and Remedial Massage Therapist alongside her sister, a Registered Osteopath. The Kensey Therapy Centre in Launceston is a multidisciplinary clinic offering Osteopathy, CranioSacral Therapy, Massage, Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Psychotherapy.
In 2009 Caro expanded her practice to include Holsworthy where she now works three days per week.



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