"  The aim of Gestalt Therapy is to develop awareness and promote awareness of     awareness. This does not mean simply developing insight or introspection, but exploring experience as physical and emotional beings making sense of our world and our relationship to others and the environment. The therapist supports awareness for the client and his life world and the process by which awareness is developed. In this way awareness can be seen to increase self-regulation.

 -  Madeleine Fogarty 2016

I am currently training as a Gestalt Psychotherapist. I am at the end of my second year of a five year Masters programme. As such am able to see clients as a trainee. This means that I am able to offer affordable counselling sessions to anyone who may be in need of support through grief, anxiety or depression, or is struggling coping with everyday life and is feeling overwhelmed.  

The cost for a 50 minute session is £15.

Sessions are available at The Kensey Centre, Launceston, Cornwall on Wednesday afternoons.

Click here to see "Gestalt in a Nutshell", a concise and simple video explaining how Gestalt Therapy may help you.