Multi-Hands CranioSacral Therapy

Multi-hands CST offers a synergistic approach.

The concept of practitioners working together with more than one therapist per client is unique to Upledger Craniosacral Therapy.  

During a ‘multi-hands’ session the client is supported by two or more therapists, one of whom acts as the ‘primary’ therapist.  The benefits of this approach are significant and may appeal to those who feel they have reached a ‘plateau’ in their healing or physically need the support of more than one person in order to fully ‘unwind’ or express themselves on the couch.  

Upledger therapists are taught to work in groups of three or more during their training and it is an approach that allows  them to truly work as a team for the benefit of the client.  Extraordinary results can be achieved using this dynamic yet supportive method.

If you are interested in experiencing this approach please let me know.  I offer regular multi hands clinics at my Holsworthy practice. 

The cost for this type of treatment is: