Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is a manipulative technique used where the soft tissues, muscles and ligaments have been overworked, pulled or strained causing discomfort and pain. It is a hands-on technique that works deeper than regular massage to access the root of the problem and promote healing.

Massage increases blood and lymph flow thereby helping to reducing inflammation in the affected area. It reduces stress and tension in the muscle giving an overall sense of relief and increases muscle tone by helping the muscle groups to work more synergistically.


In my practice I use remedial massage where there is obvious injury to connective tissue (muscle, ligament, tendon), due to a sports injury, accident or long term postural anomaly. I often find that by working with the muscle directly, using massage and then using craniosacral therapy, when I come back to the affected area, the tissues have softened and lengthened and immediately feel more comfortable. The two therapeutic approaches work very well together and compliment one another to the benefit of the patient.