The SacroWedgy ® has been in use for almost 15 years in the United States. It has helped thousands get relief from a variety of symptoms such as sciatica, low back pain, hip pain, knee pain and more.

Using the SacroWedgy ® on a regular basis helps the muscles slowly rebalance using gravity to do most of the work. It can be used in the comfort of your own home at the first sign of a twinge or slightest pain. It can be used everyday as part of maintenance or occasionally, according to individual needs. It is a simple but effective device that works by isolating, cradling and elevating only the sacrum. With the sacrum elevated, gravity helps the hips drop and relaxes the piriformis muscle and the sciatic nerve. The neck is supported using a rolled up towel or neck support in order to stabilize the curve while relaxing on the SacroWedgy ®.


Total including P&P £35

Total including P&P £35

(note: the price in the 'Price per item' box is the price of the Sacrowedgy

The Sacro Wedgy ® is not a tool to be used once or twice after purchase. This system is not a “quick fix” but is one of many tools you will use to battle pain. Results vary as much as people and symptoms vary. Some will even feel pain in the beginning stages. Often this depends on how long a muscle or imbalance or dysfunction has persisted and how easily relaxation occurs. Some find proper placement awkward in the beginning while others just “melt”. Any time balance is being re-created beginning stages may not be painless. A comparison could be that of putting braces on your teeth and keeping long-term goals in mind. However, most people relax on SacroWedgy ® and comment that the hurt is “good”!

In my practice, I often use the SacroWedgy ® to stabilise the sacrum while working on the head or upper body.

Both male and female versions of the SacroWedgy ® are available at £35 including p&p.

How To Position the Sacrowedgy 

Sacro Wedgy Demonstration on 'The Doctors'


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