What should I Expect?

During the treatment, you may feel relaxed, even sleepy. You may also experience sensations similar to past injuries or remember events from the past. Everybody is different and each persons experience is unique to them.

After the treatment you may feel invigorated or a little dozy or tired. People often report that they slept heavily or even that they felt worse for 24 hours. In order for change to occur sometimes discomfort is felt. As with going for a run and feeling stiff afterwards, the rewards are often felt a few days later. Indeed, the process of change often continues for many days (or longer) after the treatment as the body adapts to the subtle changes that have been made.



Adults              £50

Children.         £40

Consessions   £45

Depending on your reason for coming and for how long you have suffered with your condition will affect the amount of treatments you require. As a general rule of thumb, the longer you have had a condition, the more treatment you require. However, this is by no means always the case. It simply means that your body has got used to its current state and put in place coping strategies for dealing with it, so the problem becomes multifaceted. I will always review the treatment plan after four sessions and suggest alternative treatment if I feel progress is not being made. I find that most people know if this therapy is going to work for them after the first treatment.

If at any stage during the course of your treatment I feel concerned about your progress, I will always refer you back to your GP.